Where to Stay in Tabuk City, Kalinga

Where to Stay in Tabuk City, Kalinga | Top Recommendations

Tabuk is the capital of Kalinga, and with Baguio, is one of only two cities in the Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR). It’s your first stop to get to Apo Whang-Od if you’re not coming from Bontoc.

There’s not much to see or do in Tabuk during non-festival days. But if you want to learn about the culture, or perhaps sample Kalinga coffee, then spending a few days in the city will satisfy these purposes.

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Dagupan vs Bulanao

Where can you stay in Tabuk?

The city’s most developed barangays (or districts/areas) are Dagupan (West and Centro) and Bulanao.

Between the two, Bulanao has more establishments. Three hotels/inns are located in this area. A potential issue is that the establishments are a bit far apart. When the heat becomes unbearable, you may need to take a tricycle (motor taxi) to take you to Jollibee.

This is not a problem in the Dagupan area. Mercury Drug is a few buildings away from LBC, Infinitea, and the City Hall.

Best Hotels in Tabuk City

Here are our top recommendations for the best hotels in Tabuk.

Davidson Hotel: Located at the northern tip of Bulanao, Davidson is one of the most established hotels in Tabuk. Since it’s along Provincial Road, it’s not hard to find. Transportation is also very convenient. When it comes to facilities, there’s an outdoor pool and a restaurant.

Grand Zion: Although Grand Zion is located along a main road it’s quiet and peaceful. Distance-wise, this hotel with a pool is the nearest to Jollibee. You may not, however, want to walk towards the fast food chain.

Golden Berries: This hotel is located between Bulanao and Dagupan, but it’s much closer to the former. The disadvantage is that you have to take a ride to get to grocery stores, markets, and top landmarks in the city.

M Hotel: M Hotel is the newest hotel in the city, but just like Golden Berries, it’s also located between Dagupan and Bulanao. This hotel has a pool, a resto, and a bar.

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