Top-Rated Unique Hotels in Hanoi

Top-Rated Unique Hotels in Hanoi | Where to Stay in Hanoi

Hanoi is definitely a city that you’d want to go back to repeatedly. The people are warm, the weather is almost always cool, and it seems like the city doesn’t run out of things to offer.

Although not a guarantee, staying at one of the following unique hotels in Hanoi will definitely add to a memorable trip in the city.

Church Boutique Hotel 95 Hang Gai

A beautiful boutique hotel, Church Boutique Hotel 95 Hang Gai sticks to a mesmerizing blue-and-white color scheme that reminds us of Mykonos in Greece. Even the carpets that adorn the hallways follow this combination.

Rated “excellent” by previous guests, this hotel is within Hanoi’s Old Quarter and very near two popular landmarks. About 400 meters away are St. Joseph’s Cathedral and Hoan Kiem Lake. Enjoy a walking tour!

Image: Agoda

Hanoi La Siesta Premium Hang Be

You’ll love the unique pieces of furniture that are scattered at the lobby of the Hanoi La Siesta Premium Hang Be. Can you spot a few of them in the image below?

Image: Agoda

Dahlia Hotel Hanoi

Dahlia Hotel Hanoi is one cozy hotel, thanks to its interiors. Its brown-and-white color combination instantly brings out some delicious, “chocolatey” vibe.

Image: Agoda

Viola Royal Hotel

Upon entering Viola Royal Hotel, you’ll instantly feel the difference. Check out the furniture pieces. If a lot of them look familiar, you’re right. They look like the pieces in Beauty and the Beast.

Image: Agoda

Zebra Loft

Zebra Loft is described as a “Scandinavian home” with a garden located at Hoan Kiem District. As mentioned in our post on the best place to stay in Hanoi, Hoan Kiem is sprawling with French colonial architecture, so Zebra Loft offers a unique and refreshing vibe. Its mostly black-and-white interior is fresh and modern. It’s very much Instagram-worthy. The balcony has a garden from which you can enjoy some views of the city.

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Image: Agoda

Nexy Hostel

Don’t be fooled by the building’s facade. Upon entry into your Nexy Hostel room, you’d be impressed with the unique artwork on the wall. The room may not be as spacious as the other hotels, but it gives you a nostalgic dorm-like feeling that you don’t want to leave.

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Image: Agoda