Upscale Hotels on Orchard Road, Singapore

Top-Reviewed Upscale Hotels on Orchard Road, Singapore

Orchard Road is one of Singapore’s most popular destinations/landmarks. When it comes to walkability, this street is not just pedestrian-friendly, but in itself, it’s home to sights that make every visitor gape with awe.

On this blog, we usually feature budget-friendly hotels, but today, we’re making an exception given that one time when we sneaked into an upscale hotel on Orchard Road.

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Without further ado, here’s a list of top-reviewed upscale hotels you can find along or very close to Orchard Road in Singapore.

Four Seasons Hotel Singapore

You’ve heard this name countless times in Hollywood movies and TV series. Four Seasons is one of 5-star hotels competing for upscale clients who’d like the convenience of staying inside a city center.

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Mandarin Orchard Singapore

When it comes to location, one guest has described Mandarin Orchard Singapore as “superb.” The Somerset MRT Station is just 390 meters away, and landmarks such as the Mandarin Gallery and Knightsbridge is only 50 meters from the hotel.

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Novotel Singapore on Stevens

The Stevens MRT Station is 750 meters away from the Novotel hotel in Singapore. It’s inside the city center, so everything is within reach, especially if you love shopping for your favorite upscale brands.

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Shangri-La Singapore

When it comes to luxury, Shangri-La is one of those few trusted names. Shangri-La Singapore is no exception. It’s well-equipped with amenities such as an outdoor swimming pool to beat the heat in Singapore.

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Ascott Orchard Singapore

Here are 4 things you’ll love about Ascott Orchard Singapore. It’s 470 meters from the Somerset MRT Station, you can request for an airport transfer, and you can enjoy free Wi-Fi in all rooms.

Image: Agoda

Grand Hyatt Singapore

The Grand Hyatt Singapore is walking distance to shopping centers, and if you want to check out the city’s top attractions, know that the Orchard MRT station is only 270 meters away.

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Recalling That One Time We Snuck In at an Upscale Hotel in Singapore

We didn’t expect to arrive in Singapore at night time. The plan was to hop on the train from Kuala Lumpur, get to SG at around noon, and go back to KL after spending a few hours in the city.

But the train ride was longer than we thought, so we had no choice but to spend the night at our friends’ room at one of those upscale hotels on Orchard Road.

All 5 of us stayed at a room with one bed – 3 slept on the bed, one on a cushioned chair, and the other on the floor.

How did we manage to sneak in?

Two friends were checked in at the hotel, so each of them had a key card. We went up to their room in two groups, one followed the other after about 10 minutes. We didn’t leave the room until the morning when it was time to go.

In hindsight, we could’ve booked a room at another cheaper hostel such as these hotels near Singapore MRT stations. But it was our first time to travel to Singapore and only our second time out of the Philippines.

It was a memorable experience, for sure, but one that we probably won’t do again if we can avoid it.

Singapore's LGBTQ+ Culture for Travelers

A Brief Note on Singapore’s LGBTQ+ Culture for Travelers

In an article published online by Silicon Republic, Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong was quoted as saying that as a society, Singapore is “something in between” when it comes to LGBTQ+ rights.

The country does not have Pride parades, but it has the famous Pink Dot, an annual event in support of the LGBTQ+ community.

Lee Hsien Loong added: “We are not San Francisco, neither are we like certain countries in the Middle East.”

His statement was in response to a question about changing the country’s regulations such as the infamous Section 377A of the penal code, which states that consexual sex between adult men is illegal. This law dates back in colonial times.

But is it safe to go to Singapore as a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer?

Apparently so.

Although Section 377A is not likely to be repealed anytime soon, it’s not like your neighbors would call the police if you’re with another man. According to this article, the last high-profile case involving homosexuality was around a decade ago.

Are there gay bars and clubs in Singapore?

There are a few in Tanjong Pagar and Chinatown. The clubs are not underground. You can see the rainbow flag raised proudly and freely.

According to TimeOut, here are the best gay bars and clubs in Singapore.

We’ve been to one and true to what everyone says, it’s a regular club where guys check out other guys while enjoying the music.

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Where to Stay in Bugis, Singapore

Where to Stay in Bugis, Singapore | Hotel Near Bugis MRT

Bugis Street is one of Singapore‘s top attractions. It’s a haven for shoppers, foodies, and sightseers. Other attractions nearby include the following: Singapore Art Museum, MINT Museum of Toys, and the Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple.

Bugis, Singapore is certainly a must-visit.

Where to stay in Bugis, Singapore?

Bugis Street is near train stations, making it conveniently located. Aside from that, the country’s transport system is reliable and fast, and it can take you to other top attractions in minutes.

For that, you might want to consider a hotel near Bugis MRT. Here are some top picks.

Bond Boutique Capsule Hotel

As advertised, the Bond Boutique Capsule Hotel is newly built, and it’s only 290 meters away from the Bugis MRT Station. Unlike with other hostels, bunk beds in this budget-friendly hotel are equipped with curtains to give you some privacy.

Image: Agoda

Backpacker Cozy Corner Guesthouse

True to its name, this guesthouse is “cozy,” giving you that boarding-house vibe. Its perfect location gives you access to different restos and cafes such as the Shinno Tea. How far away is it from the Bugis MRT Station? Only 260 meters.

Image: Agoda

Beary Best Kampong Glam

Another newly-built hotel near a Singapore MRT station, Beary Best Kampong Glam is only 320 meters from the Bugis MRT Station. Singapore Flyer is only 1.34 km away.

Image: Agoda

Atlantis Pods @Bugis

After a long day of sightseeing, shopping, and enjoying the things Singapore can offer, you’d definitely want a comfortable bed to sleep in for the night. Try Atlantis Pods. One guest said the beds are comfortable.

Image: Agoda

MET A Space Pod @ Arab Street

This capsule hotel offers one of the most unique pods in the hospitality industry. From the ambience to the overall look of the place, it makes you feel like you’re sleeping in space. Check out MET A Space Pod.

Image: Agoda

Coral Hostel

Coral Hostel is 290 meters from the Bugis MRT Station. It’s ideal for budget travelers who would probably be sightseeing or shopping during the day, and would come to the hostel at night only to get some sleep.

Image: Agoda