Hiking in Siem Reap, Cambodia | A Day at Phnom Kulen

On our second visit to Cambodia, we decided to go hiking in Siem Reap while our friends enjoyed a day at Angkor Wat. We signed up with Khmer-for-Khmer Organization (KKO), a local NGO that offers tours on a donation basis.

For our one-day Kulen Trek, there were a few transportation options to and from the mountain. We chose the motorbike as it cost the least. The trek included a visit to a few attractions in Kulen Mountain such as a waterfall and a Buddhist temple.

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In the morning of the hike, it was raining.

At 6:15, a car picked us up at Bou Savy Guest House where we stayed. The two KKO guides explained that another person did a last-minute booking, so the operators decided to whisk both of us in a car. It was a pleasant surprise we warmly received because of the weather.

At 10 o’clock, when we arrived at the starting point, it had just stopped raining.

The hike was a lot easier compared to, say, our Mt. Agung sunrise hike.

There were some muddy and wet spots as a result of the rain, but overall, the trail was well-established, mostly covered, and mostly flat. There were two occassions when we had to walk on a few slippery rocks to examine some ancient temple remnants.

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Phnom Kulen Siem Reap

Hiking Phnom Kulen

Phnom Kulen Hiking

During the hike, the guides took us to a total of 7 spots: elephant statue, sacred cave, 2 temple ruins, reclining Buddha, River of 1000 Lingas, waterfall. Here are some images.

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Elephant Statue Phnom Kulen

Sacred Cave Kulen Mountain

Temple Ruins Kulen Mountain

Phnom Kulen Temple Ruins

Reclining Buddha Phnom Kulen

River of 1000 Lingas

Waterfall Phnom Kulen