Nyaung Shwe in Myanmar Inle Lake

Busted Bicycle Tire in Nyaung Shwe

After our Kalaw to Inle Lake trek, we decided to spend only one night at Nyaung Shwe‘s Hotel Emperor-Inle before heading off to Yangon the next day.

At check-out, the hotel graciously allowed us to use one of their bicycles to roam about town until it was time to leave Nyaung Shwe. Of course, we happily said yes.

We wanted to navigate through as many streets and visit as many attractions as we could, but we had to cut short our sightseeing trip because one of our bike’s tires got busted.

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Red Mountain Estate Vineyards & Winery

We enjoyed cycling to get to the Red Mountain Estate more than we enjoyed the visit. But we’re saying that only because we didn’t dine at the cafe or sample their wine. Had we spent more time and money doing any of these, the visit to the vineyard would’ve been more interesting.

The place wasn’t crammed with tourists that afternoon. There was only us and a couple who also cycled from their hotel.

Expect something like this if you visit the vineyard in August.

Red Mountain Estate Vineyards & Winery

Busted Bicycle Tire in Nyaung Shwe: At the Repair Shop

Real bummer, right?

Thank goodness it happened near the center of town. Otherwise, we would’ve walked for a few hours soaked in sweat.

At the tire-repair shop, we didn’t have to explain anything. We just smiled, said hello, and said “flat tire,” and the person in charge immediately got to work.

He gestured for us to take a seat on a bench, which we did, and then watched him do his magic. Twenty minutes later, the bike’s tire was fixed.

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Busted Bicycle Tire in Nyaung Shwe

Want a Hair Cat?

Look what we bumped into. Witty, isn’t it?

Too bad, this barber shop is located far away from the center. It surely would attract more clients if it relocated.

Hair Cat Barber Shop Nyaung Shwe